Where Ebay Games Come From
The video tells the story of an expedition led by a figure known as the "Dunker" (Don Pacino), who takes his two viewers to a mysterious restricted site known simply as the "Zone", where there supposedly exists a room which grants a person's innermost desires.

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  • 레뫈

    This is the best horror game.

  • Vsaucerino Kripperino
    Vsaucerino Kripperino

    Since when was England called Racoon City

  • LiiZ MllC
    LiiZ MllC

    I knew it.

  • Rodney Scherer
    Rodney Scherer

    Ah so that's where I put my custom walk-in bathtub/shower. I remember.

  • juicemofo

    "This is like.... Fuck it. It's my house. Are you happy now? I'm sure not. Seriously. Look at my house, it should be obvious I'm morbidly depressed." -Gex

  • meishectic

    where can i see more of this?

  • lyphes suphryng
    lyphes suphryng

    Dang, I wonder how many houses dunkey had to look through to find weird ones. Could be many, or it could not a lot

  • nilleftw

    This is a very cursed video.

  • Joey Dg
    Joey Dg

    wtf this house is like cleaner than every house ive been to

  • Luis Röling
    Luis Röling

    This is where bezos lived before Amazon took of

  • Konrad

    Scarecrow village I see

  • Alexander TG
    Alexander TG

    This video is hitting my fight or flight instincts in every wrong possible way.

  • Fezzo

    Glad to see that the PT demo has been brought back and expanded.

  • Bar Tar
    Bar Tar

    Some kind of fever dream...

  • 03Dmartin

    I will come and clean your house for free

  • 03Dmartin

    Of course you have a map of the UK on your basement wall. One of the most scary Kingdoms in the world

  • Kenny Ayy
    Kenny Ayy

    @videogamedunkey do you know Australian Rap icon Seth Sentry used a Dunkey sample in the track 'Cheap Shots' "ayyyy gimme a slice of pepperon! "

  • lukthere2

    This is a horror show

  • Ryan Clark
    Ryan Clark

    Tbh, I would love to search through all the stuff in there... As long as I had a hazmat suit and ventilator.

  • Deku Scrub
    Deku Scrub

    thank you for ur service donklley

  • beegchunguz

    I know there's a lot goin on here, but why the heck is the bookshelf in the middle of the floor in the kitchen? lol

  • Awe Emperor of Chicken Killing
    Awe Emperor of Chicken Killing

    so that's a house that exists apperently

  • CTP 1111
    CTP 1111

    looks like dunkey has been checking out affordable housing in California

  • Whitney Armstead
    Whitney Armstead

    Diet *Dr* Mountain Dew I wish this video was 30 minutes long. I'm begging you to make this a series.

  • AM

    I like how classy his voice sounded when he said "All of the latest releases"

  • gregormonkey

    Thank you, Dunkey, for finding these things so that we don't have to.

  • Flying Gorilla works for the F.B.I
    Flying Gorilla works for the F.B.I

    Flying gorilla wants you to talk about how cool is game is (on IOS and Android)

  • imOverWhere

    what is this house?

  • K K
    K K

    dafuck is happening

  • Nick Nuttall
    Nick Nuttall

    This is my favorite place to purchase G A R M O N B O Z I A.

  • Dimwit Beavis
    Dimwit Beavis

    I feel like this in text form could easily be a terrible creepy pasta from 2011, when I clicked onto the blue room in google maps it went all fuzzy and all I could hear were visceral screams... I can imagine chills talking about it lol

  • Odin Angie
    Odin Angie

    the coordinates at the end lead to nagoro doll world. A village in japan whose inhabitants died or moved away and where replaced with life sized dolls. I'm not sure what it means but if anyone would like to look into this there might be more to uncover.

  • Herencian

    wtf christian weston chandler house simulator?!

  • 23rascel

    Man I need to clean my room

  • Derek Tortellini
    Derek Tortellini

    YOOOOOO, new SCP just dropped!

  • Blandco

    I watched this video in my car in pitch darkness. Really helped with the ambiance.

  • Wrist

    Omg Is this a horror game?

  • Cooper

    The rooms in this house remind me of the ones I find myself in when having a nightmare where I am stuck in an endless labyrinth.

  • Yassine Mejdouli
    Yassine Mejdouli

    I like gamecube…

  • Cam Da Lamb!
    Cam Da Lamb!

    Nah nah nah.. I need to find this rabbit hole now…..🧐

  • Cloudxchan

    Make a final fantasy 13 video dunk

  • John Dough
    John Dough

    Spoopy dunkey

  • RunwayIsAwesome

    Next video. Please do Nickelodeon All Stars Brawl!

  • Teigan Moschenross
    Teigan Moschenross

    This was the first time I've experienced true horror

  • Lydomina

    If this house wasn't dirty, it actually be a pretty dope house to live in.

  • Mikey Sauce
    Mikey Sauce

    I wanna be here a friend live streamed himself looking through it I remember the door with the minion carpet

  • Mrcus Ray
    Mrcus Ray

    This legit started to scare me a bit


    Quick someone call Ice Luigi.

  • JustScrollingInTheComments

    7:48 We're just going to casually ignore the amount of Porno dvds this man owns...

  • JustScrollingInTheComments

    Theorists say this is the house from Resident Evil VII

  • Kin of the Cosmos
    Kin of the Cosmos

    For those interested, look up ‘the house on blue lick road.’

  • Charlz Vlogss
    Charlz Vlogss

    Is the number at the end an arg piece

  • Diego Hernandez
    Diego Hernandez

    So this is P.T.

  • Jaedon Swanson
    Jaedon Swanson

    this game really makes you FEEL like ebay

  • Why Am I Here?
    Why Am I Here?

    Cursed house

  • Why Am I Here?
    Why Am I Here?

    Nobody’s talking about how crazy this house actually is, it’s huge, a fucking mess, and it has the most random shit in it.

  • Otto Lehto
    Otto Lehto

    This is a strand type house

  • wolfslullaby

    I am confused

    • wolfslullaby

      how can you see the inside of the house

  • Hunter Herman
    Hunter Herman

    I gotta be honest mr @videogamedunkey I thought stalker was a really boring movie :(

  • Ningenshot

    When you turn on the RTX:

  • Patrick Jardim
    Patrick Jardim

    This is like if hideo Kojima finish silent hill

  • Moon Lambo
    Moon Lambo

    Gonna sweep and mop my floor today. I need to clense my soul after this video.

  • Mentalist 00
    Mentalist 00

    Your room is disqusting

  • Lucas Fadda
    Lucas Fadda

    I need funny pics of your cat or I'll threaten you with something you don't care about

  • Josuf Eblee
    Josuf Eblee

    That house is terrible, but that's an awesome shower at the end

  • KushAstronaut

    07:48 booba

  • Activated Complex
    Activated Complex

    Some forethought, there, putting in decontamination showers. Not for when you enter. For when you leave.

  • Fresno Nightcrawler
    Fresno Nightcrawler

    My dream home

  • 2091Dj

    Love me some Diet Dr Mountain Dew ©

  • Kristian M
    Kristian M

    yr best vid yet dunker

  • Jack Bringus dringus
    Jack Bringus dringus

    that cat looks like adolf hitler

  • SuperStoryMode

    Now for the sequel: "Where EA Games Come From"

  • VividLight

    How the fuck did the Bing van get in this house

  • GrinWins

    the tv reflection has no one in it???

  • Fat Yoshi
    Fat Yoshi

    This is more terrifying than most horror movies I’ve seen in the past few years

  • Hawluchador

    This video solidifies a fact your fans already are aware of. I could watch you narrate anything and br entertained. Thank you Dunkey

  • legend

    Jay exci covered this house too. Quite the coincidence

  • Cicadian Rhythm
    Cicadian Rhythm

    I've stayed at some friends' places that look like smaller versions of this. One kept the litter box in their kitchen.

  • _ fresh _
    _ fresh _

    This looks like a mob hideout

  • Matthias Reith
    Matthias Reith

    I can’t believe that this is all one place

  • Fuzion Tony Gaming
    Fuzion Tony Gaming

    Is this the Virtual Real Estate everyone’s been crazy about?

  • Brian Elliott
    Brian Elliott

    We got some good lore about Paulie outta this one.

  • Mikael


  • ollie van den bosch
    ollie van den bosch

    Environmental storytelling.

  • DJDEATH2395

    Man I never see the dunk in the comments going at it with the fans with the hard hitting questions anymore. Yo Dunk what do u think about the new thighstop?

  • M B
    M B

    I hate this place.

  • Zotar8

    The fact that he didn't comment at all on the whole wall of gone wild stuff just before the baptism shower thing is interesting.

  • theGaming Bat
    theGaming Bat

    First strand type house

  • JustWeirdOut

    Looked up those numbers in Google maps and it's some weird ass scarecrow village with creepy ass dolls

  • Juris Zebnickis
    Juris Zebnickis

    i am experiencing physical fear

  • SuperSaltLee

    we are from the ebay house

  • Quantify Potato
    Quantify Potato

    dunkey make me happy

  • Porygon

    It looks like a Garry's Mod map.

  • iGetBackSmacked

    Did no one see the "uncensored" dvds at the end?

  • Jaime Jimenez
    Jaime Jimenez

    I like to eat margarine 🧈

  • Cam Davis
    Cam Davis

    There was like... so many better places to put the litter box

  • Jack

    come on its not that bad. my place doesn't have a shipping room but is about as bad when we haven't cleaned in a while.

  • Matt Hamar
    Matt Hamar

    I have stared into the abyss, and so now it walks with me.